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Let’s start with the fact that it is difficult to treat the United States as a single unit – after all, we are talking about no less than 50 countries, each of which holds a whole world of obligations. Therefore, it is important that anyone planning a visit to the United States first understands what they want to see and do and which countries will provide the best answer to their expectations. In order to “clear the ear” it is important to note that the USA is the third largest in the world and as part of this it offers everything that tourists can only dream of: from spectacular natural sites, through lively nightlife, huge shopping centers, museums and cultural institutions, historical sites, restaurants In all styles, attractions and activities of all kinds and for all ages and more.. and more.. and more..

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What is important to know before visiting the USA?

In terms of the optimal time to visit the country, well, it is a huge country in size and therefore, there are periods that are suitable for visiting specific destinations and periods that are more suitable for visiting other destinations – usually, the optimal periods will be between March and June and between September and November. Israeli passport holders who wish to enter the United States need a special visa – which in order to receive it, it is necessary to submit application forms, pay a fee and go through an interview at the embassy – the recommendation is to start the process at least a month or two before the planned flight date and not to buy plane tickets or book hotels ahead of time getting the visa

Where to visit in the United States?

As mentioned, the answer to this question depends only on you, when among the options that are considered more touristy, the following can be mentioned:

New York – If your heart longs for a diverse and rich urban vacation that includes: culture, entertainment, fashion, lively nightlife and trendy restaurants, there is no doubt that the city of New York will meet all your expectations – and much more. When you come to New York, don’t miss a walk in Times Square, a rest in Central Park and a visit to Liberty Island and a close look at the famous statue.

Las Vegas – It is not for nothing that Las Vegas is considered the entertainment capital of the world. The desert city offers visitors a wide variety of luxurious hotels, casinos of various sizes and lively nightlife.

Las Vegas

Miami – The city located in the state of Florida became famous mainly because of its magical beaches. At the same time, apart from visiting the beaches, you can also enjoy a rich nightlife, attractions of all kinds and for all ages (among other things, huge amusement parks) and fine restaurants. When you arrive in Miami, don’t miss a visit to the magical and pampering Miami Beach vacation destination, a tour of the town of Naples and a visit to the spectacular botanical gardens.

Los Angeles – If you are a lover of culture and especially cinema, the “City of Angels” Los Angeles, located in the state of California, will be the address for you. Los Angeles will provide you with an encounter with the glamor and luxury life that you often see in series and movies. Of course, during your stay in the city, you should visit all the shiny neighborhoods and areas such as: Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu and Bel Air.

San Francisco – San Francisco is a beautiful, innovative and popular city, located in the state of California. When you are traveling in the city, don’t forget to: take a picture of the famous Golden Bridge, visit at least one of the green and spacious parks in the city and, of course, take part in one of the many and varied cultural activities that the liberal and diverse city offers, among others: plays, music concerts, museums, dance performances and more.. and more..

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