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It may be hard to believe, but at the beginning of its journey (which was at the beginning of the 18th century), Dubai, which is now considered the most attractive and attractive tourist destination in the Middle East, was actually a fishing village. Today, Dubai offers its visitors the perfect and desirable triangle that combines wealth and prestige with magical nature (an impressive golden desert with clear water sources) and Middle Eastern exoticism – the likes of which cannot be found in other tourist cities.

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What is important to know about Dubai?

Dubai is one of the 7 emirates and is the second largest in the United States (after Abu Dhabi) and the most populated among them. Although Dubai is largely known thanks to its revenues from oil and natural gas, in recent years, tourism has been one of the most lucrative sectors for the country’s economy. In terms of language, Arabic is the official language of the country, but students learn English as a second language in schools and, in fact, English is the dominant language in hotels, attractions and shopping centers – so there is no problem getting by in terms of language.

What about the weather?

In terms of the weather, it should be taken into account that this is a desert country and therefore, in the summer season, the temperatures are very high. At the same time, this is a city that offers exotic beaches, pampering pools and, of course, high-quality and innovative air conditioning in every attraction, shop or restaurant you will enter during your vacation.

Where to stay in Dubai?

In Dubai you can find a wide variety of luxurious and luxurious hotels, which offer a hospitality experience with uncompromising standards. At the same time, before you are tempted to book a hotel based only on the luxurious rooms, the water park, the spa center or the other indulgences, it is important that you pay attention to several things. Dubai lies on a huge area and a large part of the area includes empty places that are not inhabited – so, contrary to what you may be used to from European cities, it is almost impossible to walk from place to place. Another thing that is important to know is that the different areas in Dubai are different from each other and for these reasons, it is important to put emphasis not only on the visibility and quality of the hotel, but also on the area where it is located.

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What to do in Dubai?

In fact, everyone who plans to come to Dubai should prepare for the fact that they have a full, fun and activity-rich vacation planned – the country offers a wide range of special attractions of all kinds, among others: extreme activities (if you’ve always dreamed of going on a desert jeep trip or flying in a helicopter, Dubai without Any provider can be a destination for the fulfillment of these dreams), museums, shows, amusement and water parks, marine activities – and the list goes on. Now, it must be taken into account that each attraction is more invested, surprising and unique than the previous one.

There’s shopping and nightlife?

Shopping enthusiasts will discover huge shopping centers that offer all the big and popular brands alongside local and traditional markets – some of which specialize in a certain type of product such as: the perfume market and the fabric market. Even in terms of nightlife, Dubai has not been left behind and in various complexes such as the Marina area, in the hotels and Palm Jumeirah you can find a huge range of dance clubs, bars and lounges.

What else?

If you’re a fan of luxury restaurants, you’ll find that you’ve come to the right address in this case as well – for the record, there are more than 300 restaurants in Dubai that are decorated with Michelin stars.

As mentioned, there are quite a few reasons why Dubai has quickly become the favorite destination of many Israelis. If you are interested in more information about Dubai or other destinations – TAYA – TRAVELING IS EASY is the place for you.

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