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traveling to Mexico with kids

Are you planning on traveling to Mexico with kids

Over 66 million tourists arrive in Mexico every year, and a significant number of those tourists come with their kids. Mexico has great beaches and lots of historical locations, but also places to unwind and relax. While traveling with kids can be inherently complex, it can also be exciting and fun. That’s why we made a list of the best hotels, activities, and beaches you can find in some of the top Mexico destinations.

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Planning your Mexico vacation when you are traveling with kids

What’s exciting about going to Mexico is that you have a plethora of destinations to choose from. And if you travel with kids, there are a multitude of benefits, along with challenges. Here are some quick planning tips to take into account.

  • When you travel to Mexico, most hotels and resorts will offer discounts or free stays for kids. Some of these hotels also have a dedicated space for kids where you can leave them to play, learn and have fun.
  • There are transportation perks too, in fact public transportation is half off for kids. In some cases, it’s free, if they can sit on your lap.
  • You should note that there aren’t a lot of public restrooms, and the same thing is valid when it comes to diaper changing stations. There might be some markets or restaurants with toilets that are paid to use. Or, in extreme cases, you will have to change diapers on the park benches. It’s not uncommon to do that, and it happens from time to time.
  • If you need to use a stroller, be wary that the sidewalks are narrow, and navigating with one is difficult. A similar thing is happening in the metro stations, where going with a stroller can be very difficult.

Best destinations to travel with kids

Here you have a quick list with the best places to visit when you are in Mexico with your kids. These destinations are a pleasure to check out, and they provide an exceptional array of things to do and stuff to see with your kids.


Cancun is a stunning city found on the Yucatan peninsula and it has a variety of beaches, resorts and great nightlife. It’s also full of restaurants, shops and activities designed with kids in mind. The Temple of the Scorpion in Cancun is extraordinary and an amazing place to see. You can also check the old airport, El Ceviche Fountain and a plethora of Maya archeological sites spread all over the region.

Best activities for families

If you go to Cancun with kids, we encourage you to take them to the Crococun. Kids can interact with animals like macaws, spider monkeys and even see crocodiles. You can also go to the Xcaret water park, a great destination for families.

Xcaret with kids

Recommended hotels

When it comes to hotels, we recommend the Hyatt Ziva and Moon Palace Resorts. The Moon Palace is an excellent, all-inclusive resort that has amazing foods, large pools and a dedicated kids club as well. The Moon Palace has the Nizuc side with 700 rooms and the Sunrise side with 1300 rooms. It’s a massive resort with tons of space for kids, along with luxurious rooms.

A similar thing is valid when it comes to Hyatt Ziva, it has a great tennis court, arts and crafts activities for kids, along with a supervised pool. This hotel has 547, and it focuses on luxury. They bring a very beautiful Caribbean décor, handcrafted furnishings and many other incredible details.

Top beaches

In case you want to go to the beach with your kids, Cancun has some great options. We would recommend Langosta beach, but also the Caracol beach. These are kid-friendly, and you can go snorkeling, they have supervision and the waters are clear as well.

Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is a very popular coastal resort town in Mexico. People love coming here with families because there are plenty of great natural wonders to explore. The beaches are very easy to reach, and you can also enjoy shopping with the family. Moreover, when you go to the Playa Del Carmen, you can access the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve, not to mention you are close to the Xvared eco park as well. The city itself alkso has a lot of shops, and its Quinta Avenida is full of restaurants.

Best activities for families

When you come to Playa Del Carmen, a very good idea is to check out the Aqua Nick Riviera Maya, a stunning aquapark designed with kids in mind. You can also embark in an adventure tour which has you explore the natural underwater caverns of Riviera Maya. Or you can go to the 3D Museum of Wonders.

Recommended hotels

You can go to Xcaret where you have a variety of kids-focused activities like water slides among others. With 900 rooms, it truly is one of the largest hotels out there, with all-inclusive benefits for kids and adults alike. Another great hotel is Maya Koba, which has a multitude of crafting activities for kids. They also offer a variety of discounts for regional family activities too. At this hotel you have 401 rooms, and the location itself near the tropical forest is what makes it an amazing place for the entire family to unwind and relax.

Top beaches

A good beach for families with kids is Playa Coco, which has lots of cool activities and amenities, including a kite surf school. Or you can go to the Playa Del Carmen, an incredible location with stunning views!

Playa Del Carmen With Kids


Cozumel is very attractive for families because it has a plethora of underwater caverns. You can easily go to the port and embark on the various tourist cruises via the numerous ships as well. Cozumel can also be a great place to visit thanks to its coral reefs, wild areas, not to mention you can find many relics from the Mayan times. The island is ideal if you want a summer vacation, but the weather is great even during the winter or fall/spring as well.

Best activities for families

A very common activity here is to visit the Chankanaab eco park where you can actually explore the region and see numerous sea turtles, manatees and even dolphins at times. Aside from that, you have the Cozumel Parl Farm and the Mayan Cacao company that are great to visit. 

Recommended hotels

Cozumel Palace has a lot of dedicated spaces for kids to play, enjoy arts and crafts, but also sunbathe near the pool. The hotel comes with 175 rooms. A similar thing is valid when it comes to the Intercontinental Presidente, which stands out when it comes to foods, but also security and pool activities for kids. This particular hotel has 300 rooms, each with a flatscreen TV and minibar.

Top beaches

In case you visit Cozumel with kids, you should check out Playa Mia Grand Beach or the Paradise Beach Cozumel. They are both incredible options for anyone who loves going to the beach with their kids, and they are a whole bunch of fun to explore. Plus, they are generally known as the safer beaches in Cozumel.

Cozumel With Kids

Cabo San Lucas

Over the years, Cabo San Lucas has quickly become one of the best places where you can go if you have kids. You can also go to the golf course, enjoy some amazing restaurants, along with cool water-based activities. In addition, you can go scuba diving in locations like Balearios, not to mention you can rent a boat and go explore the entire region at your own leisure. Not only that, but the nightlife here is great as well.

Best activities for families

You can go to the jetpack training for kids, but also explore the Marina or Playa de los Amantes. There are other great things to explore like the Bay or the Church of Saint Luke.

Recommended hotels

Hard Rock is a great hotel in Cabo San Lucas, and it shines when it comes to the great benefits for kids too, like a dedicated space on the beach and locations where they can play. It also has 639 rooms too, along with 8 restaurants and special places for adults and kids alike.  Nobu is another good option, because you have the kid’s club, along with the various pools and a spa. It has 200 rooms, along with private cabanas and a luxurious spa.

Top beaches

Cabo San Lucas also has some amazing beaches for kids too. The Palmilla Beach is a very good one because it’s very clean, and it’s easy to reach as well. Chileno Beach is a bit more remote, but it can be great for swimming and snorkeling too.

Cabo With Kids

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is specifically known for its beaches and nightlife, along with great water sports. But few people know it as a destination for kids, even if it’s quite a good one. Here’s where you can go with kids while in Puerto Vallarta. The city itself has been covered in many different movie and TV series productions. In addition, coming to Puerto Vallarta gives you an amazing opportunity to see the local church, explore the beaches, the local Mercado Isle Cuale, Plaza de Armas and many other incredible places. Even the city hall is a great thing to check out as well.

Best activities for families

There are lots of great activities for families, a very popular one being the visit to El Malecon. You can also go to the Playa Conchas Chinas where kids can snorkel and go into shallow waters. Or, you can take kids to the pier where local conservationists release baby sea turtles.

Recommended hotels

The Hard Rock hotel in Puerto Vallarta with 348 rooms has an all-inclusive experience, amazing drinks, along with family activities and a kids center. The prices are quite affordable too. Marriott is another good option in Puerto Vallarta, because you have a play space for kids that’s supervised, along with a beach club created for children as well. The Marriott hotel has 433 rooms as well, so these are very large hotels with plenty of space for the entire family.

Top beaches

When it comes to Puerto Vallarta beaches, there are a few good ones for kids. Rincon de Guayabitos is considered to be the safest because there are no huge waves here. Los Muertos is a good beach to visit as well, it’s very clean.

Puerto Vallarta With Kids

Weather in Mexico

The weather in Mexico is great in general, and the ideal time to visit is between December and April. The temperatures are lower and the weather itself is drier during that time. With that in mind, you can visit the country year-round, although during the summer it’s possible to encounter lots of rainfall and very hot weather. Checking the weather info beforehand can help quite a lot, since it will help identify the best time to visit according to your schedule.


Going to Mexico with kids can be tricky, but it’s also a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter if you have toddlers, teenagers and tweenagers, Mexico is a country that has lots to offer for kids of all ages. Just make sure that you have the right Mexico with kids packing list and you create the itinerary beforehand. That way, you will have a much better experience with your kids, while enjoying everything that these destinations have to offer.

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