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If you are planning a dream honeymoon or are interested in a pampering vacation in the style of “back belly” and this, in a destination that is the closest thing to heaven on earth – there is no doubt that the Dominican Republic will be the perfect choice for you.
The Republic is located in a mountainous area in the Caribbean Islands (near Cuba) and offers: magical stretches of beach, pampering hotels, marine attractions and a real atmosphere of freedom and space.. A visit to the Republic is also suitable for nature lovers, as the visitors will enjoy encounters with a variety of amazing natural treasures.

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What is important to know before flying?

As of today, there are no direct flights from Israel to the Dominican Republic, but you can fly to it through a long list of destinations such as: Boston, New York, Miami and various cities in Europe. There are also cruises that depart from various destinations and arrive in the Dominican Republic, but keep in mind that they only stop there for one day – and one day is certainly not enough to exhaust everything the Republic has to offer.

What about the weather?

The weather in the country is humid and hot throughout the year – at the same time, it should be taken into account that between the months of May and August there is an increase in the frequency of rains – here it is important to note that the rains are usually for short periods of time, so that even when they fall, they do not necessarily affect the duration of the vacation or the degree of enjoyment. The spoken language is Spanish and the local currency is the peso – it is advisable to exchange money only at the local banks.

Where to visit in the Dominican Republic?

If you are planning a vacation in the Dominican Republic, it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with some of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, among others:

Punta Cana If you’ve been craving a “backpack” vacation at the highest standards, Punta Cana can undoubtedly satisfy your heart’s desire. In the area you can find a significant number of dream resorts, magical beaches, vibrant nightlife and a wide variety of marine attractions for the whole family.

La Romana this is the third largest city in the Dominican Republic. Like other places in the Republic, it also offers spectacular beaches and resorts with uncompromising standards. At the same time, along with “Batan Gav” on the beaches and the pampering and expensive resorts, the city also offers diverse and experiential attractions such as: the Cave of Wonders, a cruise on the Rio Chavon river and exposure to a type of spectacular jungle and other attractions.

La Romana

Bayahibe – a small and picturesque town which was once a fishing village. Bayahibe is located near Punta Cana and La Romana and offers quite a few tourist attractions – so if you have arrived in the area it is recommended to visit it as well.

Las Terranas located on the Semana Peninsula and like its predecessors, offers magical beaches, pastoral landscapes and experiential and unique attractions such as: waterfall trips, omegas and satellite watching.

Cabarete – if you are a fan of surfing, you can’t really miss a visit to Cabaret and the beaches it offers. This is a perfect destination for all types of surfing: windsurfing, wave surfing and kite surfing.

Santo Domingo the capital of the Dominican Republic and the closest thing to a typical European city. The city offers an interesting historical district – which can provide information and details about the country’s past and allow you to get to know its residents better. Beyond that, you can find in the city a wide variety of restaurants, museums and attractions of different types intended for all ages.

Of course, these are only some of the magical sites that the Republic offers – and spoiler, there are quite a few more of them… So if you are planning a pampering and unforgettable vacation in the Republic, you will be happy to discover that at TAYA – TRAVELING IS EASY you can get all the information you may need before Flight.

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