10 Best
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Activities In Punta Cana

10 Best Activities In Punta Cana

Once you arrive in Punta Cana, you will have access to a very diverse range of activities. It’s always exciting to know that you can easily accommodate within a location and then go outside to explore its amazing offerings. Thankfully, you won’t have a problem picking activities and things to do in Punta Cana. In fact, there are so many that you have to narrow down the best ones for you. So, what are the best activities in Punta cana?  Here’s a list with our recommendations!

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Scape Park

If you’re a fan of thrills and adventures, then Scape Park is maybe the ideal destination for you. It features everything you want, from a beach to cave expeditions, but also zip lining. It’s nice to wander through the park and immerse yourself in one of the adventures. There’s a local ranch, Parrot Island, Iguana Island, Monkey Island, and also a Scape Park cruise that you can embark on as well. As a whole, it’s a stellar place for anyone who loves animals and adventuring!

Dr Fish Spa Punta Cana

When you go on a vacation, your focus is always to try and unwind, relax, and relieve your stress. Dr Fish Spa lets you do that in a stunning location, an amazing beach customized to bring you an extraordinary sense of relaxation. Not only are the views incredible, but you can access special treatments, along with massages, meditation routines, etc. Dr Fish Spa is one of the top places for the utmost relaxation that you can find around Punta Cana.

Water Caves

Punta Cana has no shortage of caves. In fact, you can find a large variety of water caves, like the Hoyo Azul. These caves are easy to explore, they showcase crystal clear waters, and you will be amazed by how astonishing the interiors are. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience to go through these water caves and enjoy everything they have to offer.

Water Cave Punta Cana

ATV In Punta Cana

Going with the ATV on the Punta Cana beaches or nearby is a lot of fun. Not only can you find affordable rentals, but these ATVs are also going through daily maintenance. It just leads to a great time as you uncover more and more of the region, and there’s definitely a lot to explore here.

Cacao Farm In Punta Cana

Punta Cana still has a cacao plantation and chocolate factory, and there are dedicated tours that you can check out specifically for that. What’s great here is that you can see how cacao grows on trees, and you can even help harvest them. Seeing a cacao plantation in real life is surreal, and it really goes to show the uniqueness of these plants. Depending on the tour, you might even have the opportunity to try out some chocolate!

Zip Lines In Punta Cana

If there’s one thing there’s no shortage of options in Punta Cana, that would be zip lines. Some of them claim to be the longest ones in the entire country. While it’s not an activity for the faint of heart, zip lining is certainly one of the top ways to enjoy the local views. There’s a lot to see here, and most of these zip lines offer very good prices. But what truly matters is the unique way you get to enjoy these views and how amazing the region looks like. Seeing that firsthand while hanging from a zip line is certainly unlike anything out there.

Divings In Punta Cana

In case you want to go underwater, there are different scuba diving courses and experiences you can try out as well. Being able to see the amazing coral gardens, the underwater flora and fauna is one of these things you rarely get to see. Not only that, but the boat rides themselves are fun. You get to explore the Punta Cana coastline, along with the stunning lagoons. Diving times can vary, but you will be along with a dedicated professional and an expert crew.

Catamaran Cruise

When you want to go deeper into the ocean and not just visit the coastline, the Catamaran Cruise is certainly one of the best options. It can be a great solution for a private party, or you can just rent it and unwind away from any noise. It’s one of those experiences that’s hard to describe because you get to take your catamaran and sail around Punta Cana, go to the different coastal attractions, and also enjoy some extraordinary food/drinks on board.

Sky Ride Helicopter

While Punta Cana looks amazing from a regular perspective, it’s well worth it to enter the Sky Ride Helicopter and see it from above as well. Helicopter is not one of the traditional activities in Punta Cana but for sure one of the best! You get to feel like a bird, flying through the region and enjoying its freedom. The views here are astonishing, and you also get to work with professional pilots. All you need to do is enjoy your ride and the breathtaking views.

Rolling Cigars

The Dominican Republic is known for its tobacco and cigars. You still have great cigar factories like Don Lucas that continue to create astonishing yet authentic traditional cigars. What’s great is that you can even roll your own cigars if you want, and it’s the kind of experience that you will appreciate quite a bit. Prices can differ, but you will find some exceptional cigars.

Pick your own adventure in Punta Cana!

Rest assured that all of these are amazing, stunning ways to spend your time while in Punta Cana. What adventure should you choose? It all comes down to what you like and what activities fit your style. As you can see, there’s no shortage of Punta Cana activities, and it’s always exciting to explore the region or indulge in the local foods. But at the same time, you can also build your adventure, which is the most fun!

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